Mark Wallman

I have over 28 years’ experience working in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery field.  I successfully support people in identifying personal problems so they can develop the internal inspiration to facilitate necessary lifestyle changes.  This behavioral change support complements medical psychiatric treatments if they are occurring, and if necessary, I will refer people to psychiatric professionals who will fill this need.  I have facilitated change through individual therapy and group therapy, and have helped people with problems such as mood disorders (bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety), relationship problems (socializing, intimacy, marriage difficulties, co-parenting in divorce situations, divorce process), parenting, addictions (substance addiction, process addictions such as eating disorders, sexual addiction, gambling addiction), existential crises, grief issues, transition of life issues.  Ages I work with are 12 to 112. 

I am a guide for a person or system seeking truth and peace that may be in the dark as to what blocks them in their journey. The guidance involves improving self-awareness to identify needs, and helping an individual or system, learn and practice skills to move towards fulfillment or those needs.

I present without judgment with focus on strengths and awareness development. I bring a positive and optimistic outlook to the meeting. I stimulate inner awareness towards realistic perspectives of the here and now. This leads to an inevitable outcome of peace if ventured with patience and courage that I hope to help you find.

Greetings to all seeking an ally in facing truth with the difficulty and joy the journey entails. If you hope you are not alone in your search, you definitely do not need to be. I am here.


Posted on: June 21, 2019admin